Monday, June 17, 2024

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The 30 Day “No Complaining” Challenge

Today’s blog is about the 30-day no-complaining challenge. I started the 30-day no-complaining challenge – there are no details – you just don’t complain for 30 days. What you do instead is you draw close to God. Whenever we do that, we experience a life unlike anything else. Imagine how powerful it is instead of complaining and grumbling to turn to God.

Think about a specific situation that you’re in. Focus on not grumbling. I’ll tell you a specific story about what I was going through the other day. Yesterday, I got my hair done. I had someone new help me and I showed her a picture of how I wanted my hair to look. She said she’s got it. She styled my hair, spun me around, and there I was in the mirror with curly hair. Part of me was like what just happened? I didn’t look anything like the picture I had shown her.

I was so embarrassed about what my hair looked like I put my hoodie up and went home. I got home and walked into the house and the first thing my baby said to me was “mommy, your hair is so beautiful!” That showed me that I was choosing to look at the situation through a self-deprecating filter. I didn’t look at it through the filter that people who love me use. I had to catch myself.

That’s exactly what this is about – catching ourselves. So, when we catch ourselves being self-deprecating or grumbling, let’s back up. At first, we might speak a little of the grumble before we catch it. Then the grumble might happen in our heads, but we can catch it before it reaches our hearts. I talk more about that in this short video.

I just want us all to think about that today as we go through our non-complaining challenge. I also want you to think about making sure you’ve got the right people around you to support you the way my little girl supported me. I write about that in this short blog. Join me in the 30-Day Challenge and let’s see just how different our lives are on the other side.

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