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My Go-To Checklist For My 11 Day Jumpstart

Listen, I’m not here to take up your whole day with a big long post, I’m just here to say, “Hey, here’s what I make sure I have for the 11 Day Jumpstarts”, sound good?

Let’s GO!

Ok, here goes:

  1. The supplements (obviously, lol!) If you don’t know about the 11 Day Jumpstart, it’s where, on average, people lose between 7-15 lbs. It’s totally free, you just need the supplements is all. Here’s a link with more details about that:
  2. LMNT : This is what helps keep me hydrated, quite frankly. People think drinking water does that, and technically it does….but if you’re not consuming as much sodium or magnesium, it’s going right through you without hydrating you, so to speak. Water follows salt is a super basic way to understand that. Can you use just Celtic Sea Salt? Absolutely, this just adds other things in there that i really like to have.
  3. THIS SCALE!: Ok, so I go kickboxing and where I go, they have a scale that measures ALL OF THE THINGS….like…things I don’t want to know about , lol! Just kidding…but really. Anywho, that costs $25 every time I use it…and I’m a member there! So, I looked for something that was more cost-effective, and I could use every day if I wanted instead of just once a week because I didn’t want to pick up a new $25/day expense, right? Well, here is the answer! I LOVE THIS SCALE! It measure EV UH REE THANG….AND it saves it in an app for you! No renewing software expense or anything, just a one time purchase and DONE. Here’s the link for that if you’re wanting to grab it:
  4. My Water Bottle: I fill my bottle up every morning, throw an LMNT in it from earlier and call it a day! There are lots of them on amazon alone, here is the least expensive one I could find:
  5. Yoga Mat: This isn’t because we do yoga, because we do not. It’s just to have some padding on your floor if you’re doing the daily workouts (which you don’t need to if you don’t want, but if you do, you probably need some padding to keep you comfortable.) Here’s my favorite and the least expensive one I could find:
  6. Dry brush: You may not know what a dry brush is for YET….but read this and you’ll totally get why it’s necessary…especially as we are releasing so much inflammation and toxins. Here’s the brush I use (and the least expensive one I could find):

And that’s it! Now, do you NEED to get all of this for the 11 Day Jumpstart? Not at all. I’m just writing this up because so many people ask me what I use, so I’m sharing it here.

As always, have the BEST day, and I’ll see you around!

xo Martha

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