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850 Symptoms….GONE.

In today’s blog I’m excited to share about an invention that changed my life. It also dramatically changed a friend’s life right in front of my eyes. Here’s just one example of why I wear the device that looks like an oversized watch.  When people ask me about it and I share what it does, everyone wants one and here is just one reason why. My friend Amy Wicks-Horn has had Bell’s Palsy twice. Bell’s Palsy paralyzes half of your face. She has dealt with this for about 20 years.

 It impacts the way she drinks so she has to drink out of one side of her mouth. It impacts the way she eats so she has to move food into her mouth from the side.  She has to be very conscious of daily activities and spent 20 years managing it.

You could see her facial paralysis. Her eye drooped and the lack of counterpressure in her muscles was cranking her shoulder up.  Amy tried so many things to heal over the years.  Then we met the inventor of the WavWatch. I watched as Amy’s shoulder released 20 minutes into wearing the WavWatch.  Next, her eye which always appeared partially closed opened up for the first time in 20 years. You can hear more about that on this short video here.  

This experience showed me proof that the WavWatch works.

I learned that it works by using frequencies – sounds.  I personally loved when I set the watch on the folder for weight loss. It goes through a series of addressing different aspects of weight loss starting with addiction.  It’s one reason why I’m excited to share this as an affiliate. How do you know when to share a product as an affiliate? I wrote a short blog post about that here. 

You can get a WavWatch for yourself and I’ve got a discount code for you – use MARTHA100 to get $100 off.

Imagine all the people who might find this technology helpful. This is just one example of the incredible owner offers we are sharing inside the Affiliate Marketing University Membership. Sharing what helps others is so inspiring to me! I’d love to help you learn to do the same as well. Join us in AMU here.

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