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More Real Stories From The 11 Day Jumpstart

I love sharing real-life testimonials about the 11-Day Jumpstart from the members themselves. Today Lisa is sharing why she jumped into the 11-Day Jumpstart and what results she experienced. You don’t want to miss this. To learn more about the basics of the 11-Day Jumpstart you can check out this short blog.

Lisa shared that she has tried every diet pill or potion out there. She got to a point at the end of last year where she prayed to God to put the people and things in her life that she was supposed to do.

She felt like her life was out of control her life and knew something had to change.

You guys the day she prayed was the day the 11-Day Jumpstart kicked off. Lisa knew right away she had to jump in. She knew could do anything in 11 days. Then, after the first two days, she felt more mental clarity and, less brain fog. She realized she had more patience with her children.

Lisa knew she was losing lots of inflammation. Her co-workers even asked what she was doing because she looked so different. Why is it so important to lose inflammation? Inflammation is the first step in everything you do not want to happen in your body. We talk more about that in this short video. Often, we don’t realize just how bad we feel – because we get used to it. We think this is our normal. That’s what is so special about the 11-Day Jumpstart.

It’s not hard. It’s not complicated. You see results very quickly. It’s very sustainable.

If you are in Cutting Edge your Young Living teams are able to join the 11-Day Jumpstart. To join Cutting Edge message my Facebook Page LivinthedreamwithMartha the words “cutting edge” if that doesn’t work, message me directly and we’ll go over the details and get you in! If someone sent you this video or blog, reach out to them, and they can help you get the supplements for the Jumpstart. That is all you need to buy. There’s no charge for the guides, coaching, or the community. Don’t wait. This is for everybody. I can’t wait to see you in the 11-Day Jumpstart!

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