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How To Start A Business With Your Kid!

How would you like to help your kids start a business? This sets our kids up for so much in their future. I’m not talking about a million-dollar Shark Tank business I’m talking about a business from home where you can teach your kids business basics.

This is going to be something I’m doing with my daughter. I’m going to be documenting all of it on a new blog that I’m starting. The blog has about twenty blogs on it right now. I’m very excited about it so keep your eyes out for future blogs for updates.

Now my daughter Norah is 8 years old and if you are wondering if that’s not too young. We’re getting her started where she is right now. What we’re doing is supporting her as she is collecting things she loves and reselling them. We have discovered an easy way to find out what the most popular items are. We have been doing our own research.

We sit next to each other on the couch and scroll on the phone together. Because of our research, we know what good items are good to resell. We’re making sure that we’re buying these things at a good price where then we can see that there’s going to be a profit. We’re also looking at the different platforms to be able to sell on and working to determine which platform will bring in the most profit. Whenever money comes in it goes into an account for her. How cool is that? Then she and I make decisions about what to invest in so far as items are concerned. It’s a process. I talk more about that in this short video.

Maybe you’re thinking that you wish that there was somebody to follow that would help learn about this stuff. That’s what I’m here for. The way I do things and the way that we organically grow is something I’m going to be sharing with you. I even wrote a great blog about affiliate marketing options for kids that you can check out here. Let’s get our kids set up for success today!

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