Monday, March 27, 2023

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How To Give Our Kids The Easy Button To Trust In God

I went to my Women’s Bible Study today, like every Tuesday morning, 9:30-11:30am. And got THE BEST IDEA around 10:45am, so let’s just jump to that moment in time, shall we?

We were sitting around the table, talking about how we are just so darn THANKFUL God has His Hand in the details of our lives as they unfolded.

One woman was talking about how her husband was going through some really difficult things at work. The kinds of things we just wish didn’t happen in this world, but alas they do. So he was being lied about and misrepresented in the company he worked for. It was devastating to him, but he didn’t know what else there was out there for him, and he was just dealing with it, because it was a job.

Well, after some time, he eventually got fired for the lies. But instead of feeling TERRIFIED after being fired…he was RELIEVED. He had FREEDOM. With that freedom, God led him in the direction of another company, that not only wanted to hire him, but they said it was ok if he worked remote, so he didn’t have to move from Florida to Texas, and he was RESPECTED and thanked for the amazing work he does. I mean, God, right? He’s always lining up what is best for us, as we work through where we are at the moment.

So, that’s just a microcosm of ALL of the things that happen in our lives that we look back on and say. God, thank you! Thank you for not giving me what I thought I wanted, but instead leading me to something soooo much better, which is what YOU wanted FOR ME. I mean, just sit in that happy place for a second.

But, as we were sitting around the table, I was thinking, ok, we’re all sharing stories of how God has moved in our lives in very real ways, that EMBOLDENS our resolve. That SHOWS US that our God delivers. He can be depended on and surrendered to without us being afraid He will drop the ball in some way.

But all of us at the table are 35+ years old.

So, I thought to myself…it’s EASY (relatively…:) ) to surrender to God’s Will for our life, because we have LIVING PROOF that He delivers.

What about our kids, though?

They have child-like faith, which is absolutely beautiful, but between ages 8-12yo, they start to wonder if what they are learning is true.

And maybe the ask you about it…..and maybe they don’t.

Maybe they go off on their own journey of seeing for themselves.

But what I thought of at this table this very morning was this…

What if WE, as parents, documented our lives in terms of where we saw God move, and how He delivered us out of trials we were in.

How He laid on us the peace that passeth alllllllll understanding, y’all!

How He turned what the enemy meant for evil…..for our own GOOD.

How amazing would that be?

We can help instill our little ones’ hope in our Lord, via how He has loved us soooo well!

It’s just a thought, but I figured it brought me to tears, and I am going to do it for my girl, so I wanted to share in case any other Mama’s want to do it, too.

God loves us so much, and He wants what’s best for us, and even if we veer off track, He’ll leave the 99 for us.

Let’s share how He has done that with our kids, so they understand us, our life, and why we are so surrendered to God’s Will for our lives forever and ever, amen.

Love you,

xo Martha

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