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How I Hack My Brain To Basically Be The Limitless Pill…

Ready to hear how I hack my brain to basically feel like I’m on the limitless pill? I was at a mastermind and everybody asked about what I’m doing because my energy and focus was on level 10!  Recently, I started taking new supplements and they make me feel like I’m taking limitless pill – with none of the bad side effects.  I was able to try it because I was involved as an influencer and now anyone can try it.  You know when I find something that works – I share!

You get such clarity, focus and energy. It’s a game changer.

Honestly, it gives you confidence. It helps put you in a positive mood and I saved the best for last.  My favorite thing is it gives you something called verbal fluency. It’s made me a fantastic communicator. So, no more searching for words. No more brain fog. It has changed my entire life. So, the reason I’m sharing this is if you want to try it, cool. If not, no big deal. They gave me a given discount code for you. Make sure you use my discount code, so you don’t have to pay full price. Whenever you go to the website, you’re gonna go through a short quiz. They ask you what your goals are. So, are you looking for mood boosting? Are you looking for positivity? Are you looking for focus?

Then, when you receive your box it’s like a little treasure chest. When you open it up there are custom products that have been selected just for you. Next, you download the app and it’s customized as well.  They outline what you take each day and tell you what to expect. In the app you give them feedback.  I took this and then I had these things happen. Or, I took this and nothing happened. At the end of the month, because it’s custom to you, they’re going to e-mail you and say OK so based on how this last month went what do you want to continue and what might you want to get rid of? I attribute some incredible things that have happened to me recently to being the best possible version of myself. Because I optimized my brain, I’ve been able to take advantage of some incredible opportunities. You can hear more about that here 

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