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Finally, A System That Helps You Get Your Stuff Done! (Time Management Hacks & A Free Training)

Wouldn’t you love a system that helps you get your stuff done?  My friend Megan Sumrall has us covered! Ten years ago, Megan was juggling a full-time career and home life with a toddler when someone asked her what she did for fun. Megan didn’t have an answer, because like so many of us she kept waiting for life to get less busy, to get easier. That single question rocked her to her core because she didn’t even know the answer. Sound familiar?

Megan went home that night and cried. On the outside looking in it looked like she had everything. But the bottom line was, she couldn’t remember the last time she took a hot minute for herself, much less had fun.  Mamas if this is how you are feeling – you are not alone. The irony of it was her entire corporate career focused on developing systems and processes to build things better, faster, and cheaper.

 Megan decided to use her corporate expertise to develop a better way for women to plan, manage, and juggle their time that’s realistic and gives everyone some room to breathe.

Megan tirelessly researched and tested ideas resulting in her unique system that can customize weekly planning for each of us. You know I love a system! That’s why I’m joining Megan’s bootcamp. Ready for a weekly plan that is uniquely yours?  This isn’t time blocking – don’t worry. You’re going to take an assessment, learn skills and receive tools that are going to help you master time management.  You can learn more about Megan’s Bootcamp here in this short video.

If you are like me, you don’t have time to waste. You guys, jump into Megan’s Bootcamp with me, here. Once you get time management right, the rest falls into place. We aren’t taught these skills so don’t beat yourself up for struggling feeling like there is never enough time or energy. Honestly, we all have times where we feel like quitting. Check out my blog on that and then head on over to Megan’s bootcamp and let’s go!

Have the best day!

xo Martha

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