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End of 2022 Hack (Action Item To CRUSH 2023)

This end-of-year hack is what’s going to help you crush 2023! Sometimes when I give you items to do it’s for the next month or two. This is going to make an impact even if you only do it for 2-3 days. I’m asking you to do something for three days. I’m asking you right now… Can you commit to me that you will do this one thing that will change your life completely?

I want you to think about your super stretch goal for 2023. What is your super stretch goal? It’s a goal that is so big you aren’t sure how you will make it happen – but God. When you think that you have no earthly idea how it’s going to happen, when it happens, you’ll send all the glory to God. I’ll be with you every step of the way in 2023. I wrote about my promise to you in this short blog.

So, for the next three days, you’re going to live inside the reality of that stretch goal becoming real. You’re going to remind yourself of your super stretch goal every hour. You need to set a timer for yourself and have the superscript written that will remind you of what it would be like to live with that goal accomplished. I want you to feel what it will be like so give yourself a good amount of time.

When the timer goes off, you will behave as if your super stretch is finished. One of the first things that will happen is your brain is going to try to protect you. It will tell you this isn’t real – just to keep you safe. This is territory your brain isn’t familiar with so it will try to protect you. I talk more about that in this short video.

By envisioning your dream life for three days you will begin to show your brain what’s possible.
So, for the next three days, have your alarm go off and spend time reading your superscript of what your dream life looks like. You are going to feel what it feels like to have your stretch goal accomplished. This is a game changer and doing it will help you crush 2023.

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