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Book Review: Cholesterol Clarity by Jimmy Moore + Dr. Eric Westman

Cholesterol Clarity by Jimmy Moore and Dr. Eric Westman is a groundbreaking and revolutionary book for anyone wanting to learn about cholesterol, its role in the body, and how to make sure we keep it within healthy levels without sacrificing our favorite foods.

As a Mom with very high cholesterol (like, how on Earth are you standing upright, high cholesterol), I was naturally worried about my health after hearing all of the negative press surrounding this misunderstood molecule. After reading Cholesterol Clarity, however, I not only learned that cholesterol isn’t all bad—it’s actually essential for life!—but also gained a newfound appreciation for how it works in the body and why it’s so important to maintain healthy levels.

The authors start off by providing an enlightening overview of what cholesterol actually is: a type of fat produced by the body that helps build cell membranes and hormones in addition to helping transport nutrients throughout the bloodstream. They then explain why it has become such a misunderstood topic in recent times due to faulty research studies linking saturated fats to heart disease, which resulted in doctors recommending low-fat diets full of processed, unhealthy foods rather than good fats from sources like avocados, nuts and olive oil.

The authors then move on to debunking various myths about cholesterol that have been perpetuated throughout the years. For instance, they explain that there is no scientific proof linking dietary cholesterol intake with elevated blood cholesterol levels or an increased risk of heart disease; instead, research has shown that consuming saturated fats can be beneficial for overall health if done in moderation. Furthermore, they discuss how certain medications used to lower cholesterol can cause numerous side effects while not necessarily reducing the risk of CVD or heart attack like previously thought.

Dr. Westman also presents his Low Carb Healthy Fat (LCHF) approach as an effective way to reduce inflammation while still allowing individuals to enjoy their favorite foods without feeling too restricted or deprived. This includes eating real food rich in protein, healthy fats like olive oil and coconut oil, vegetables (with some starchy ones thrown into the mix here and there), plus occasional treats like dark chocolate or ice cream without guilt or worry about going over one’s daily calorie allotment.

By reading Cholesterol Clarity I now understand more about how this mysterious molecule works within my body and why following certain dietary guidelines can help me reduce inflammation while keeping my levels balanced at optimal ranges without having to resort to extreme dieting measures or taking medications with potentially harmful side effects. From debunking myths about dietary fat’s role in heart health to clarifying how certain drugs work (or don’t work) when used as treatments for lowering LDL levels; this book provides readers not only with helpful information but also inspiring stories from people who have found success following Dr. Westman’s LCHF approach — making it an invaluable resource whether you are looking for educational advice on managing your own cholesterol or just curious about this oft-misunderstood subject matter!

Here’s the link to the book if you want to grab it:

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