10 Fun Activities For Elementary Students! (That won’t break the bank)


If you’re looking for ideas to keep your elementary-age kids entertained, engaged, and off the computer, look no further! As a Mom, myself… – I know from experience – these 10 activities will get your little ones moving and laughing in no time! Basically, what I’m saying, is get the camera ready, because some goofball fun is about to ensue!

  1. Have a backyard picnic: Let your kids pick out the food and decorations, then deck the backyard with blankets and chairs and have a picnic lunch or dinner.
  2. Create an obstacle course in your living room: With pillows, pieces of fabric, cardboard boxes, and other props create a fun obstacle course that your elementary-age kids can tackle.
  3. Make homemade slime: All you need is Elmer’s glue, shaving cream, food coloring, contact lens solution, baking soda and a bowl to mix it all up!
  4. Build a fort: Don’t worry about spending money on store-bought tents—simply grab some sheets, pillows and furniture and build your own fort!
  5. Bake something together: Give your kids their very own set of ingredients (measuring cups included!) to make their favorite cookies or cake from scratch.
  6. Visit the zoo: Pack a picnic lunch and visit your local zoo for an educational yet enjoyable day out with the family.
  7. Play tag outside: Drawing hopscotch grids or four square court aren’t the only outdoor games you can play with your kids–regular old tag never gets old!
  8. Have a water balloon fight: Fill up some balloons with water before heading outside for an epic duel between siblings!
  9. Plant flowers in the garden together: Plant some fruits or vegetables in small pots so that they can watch them grow over time as they learn how plants work altogether!
  10. Visit a museum (or virtually): Let’s face it; if you can’t go outside visiting museums remotely is still an exciting way to explore history and gain knowledge at home!

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